Halloween Site Decorating 101

Gather near, you ghouls, goblins, and ghosts! The Haunting Season will soon be upon us and it is a widely known fact that campgrounds are rife with happy campers looking for a good scare. Halloween weekends are nothing without costumes, scary campfire stories, pumpkin painting, and of course, site decorating contests. Whether you are a seasoned pro at tricking out your camper or are new to the RV Life, here are a few tips to make your site the scariest of all. 

Choose your level of scary – Consider your target audience. Are you trying to reduce the people to terrified tears or merely make them jump then laugh at themselves for being scared in the first place? Both are excellent options, though we always prefer a good laugh. Keep it PG with friendly ghosts and cackling witches or embrace the horror and pay homage to Jason Voorhees with hockey masks and a splash of fake blood. 

Tell a story – While “We Raided Grandma’s Attic” is certainly a theme (a great theme if you have a grandma who loves Halloween decorations), we challenge you to tell a story with your decorations. This doesn’t have to be complicated. Pick a theme, a character, or a setting and craft a visual story around it. For example: A vampire tailgate. Oh the possibilities! What are they cooking on the grill? Is that a pitcher of Bloody Mary on the picnic table? Are those bats hanging under the awning? Of course vampires are baseball fans (ehh batty batty batty). Bonus if you work in some visual jokes!

Bring on the decorations – Did you know the bays under your RV were built specifically to store holiday decorations so you could cart them all over the country? We did. This is the part where you get to let your creativity run wild! Take halloween decorations further than carved pumpkins and orange and black streamers. Try dressing up some skeletons and staging them in conversational arrangements. Use folding privacy screens to create a haunted mansion wall with spooky portraits and spiders crawling everywhere. Get crafty by planting a garden of giant Venus flytraps that look hungry for s’more-stuffed campers…

Light it up – Extend the fun after dark by illuminating your site with theatrical lighting. If ever there was a time for orange bulbs and flashlights held under the chin, this is it! Rig those pumpkins with battery powered candles, Command Strip those bat-shaped string lights to the awning, stake those glowing skulls along your concrete pad perimeter! (Make sure to pack extra extension cords!) Got a bug light zapper? That’s kinda creepy too. In our humble opinion, Halloween and all its frightening glory is best enjoyed after the sun goes down so add an eerie glow to your decorations!

Terrifying tracks – Ever watched a scary movie with the sound off? Not so scary, was it? Add some ambiance and a dash of suspense with some eerie tracks. Before music streaming platforms, we had these things called CD’s and let me tell you, we owned more than one scary soundtrack in hardcopy. If scouring thrift shops for this pastime is not your thing, Spotify has some good playlists sure to make your skin crawl. 

We know you’re smart enough not to go into the creepy basement when the power mysteriously goes out, so don’t skimp on the creativity when decorating your campsite! Site decorating contests are held every Halloween Weekend with prizes for those campers who create the most spine-chilling displays. We dare you to give us a fright!